Last minute Christmas presents

No olvide a ningún miembro de la familia.

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By Sarah de Guandique

Christmas is just around the corner and perhaps you have already bought that special gift for your family and closest friends, but suddenly you remember that you forgot to buy a present for someone important, or a relative or a friend tells you she is coming over to give you a present, but you have nothing to give in return. Here is a list of articles you can buy at the last minute.

Christmas Cookies are always a good choice.

Christmas Cookies are always a good choice.

For co-workers or acquaintances a scented candle is always welcome, besides being economical enough, You can also choose a kit of aromatic essences or an original decorative candle for their home or work.

Christmas baskets, boxes of candy, chocolates, cookies or cakes are an excellent choice for everyone, the perfect present for the boss’s son who loves chocolates or your aunt who came for Christmas dinner at the last minute.

Another option for music lovers is a CD. It could be by a particular artist or just Christmas music, or if you’re looking for something more personalized you can make a compilation of his or her favorite music or a themed CD with 80’s music.

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone, so a good idea might be to give a mobile phone case. Remember, it is very important to know the model of phone to buy the right case.

Don’t forget any member of your family.

Don’t forget any member of your family.

A nice gift for women could be a basket full of beauty and personal care products. The good news is that there is a tremendous variety of products for different needs and budgets.

If you have already exhausted all these ideas, you will never go wrong with a gift card which gives the last word to the recipient, who can choose an article he or she likes in the store. In Panama, you will find that most shops offer gift certificates.

Don’t forget this holiday that the most important thing is to share with your loved ones, so if you’re looking for an unforgettable present, give them your time by inviting them for breakfast or spend the day just walking through somewhere like Casco Antiguo with them.


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