The biggest sailboat made of only wood visits Panama

The Tenacious

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The British charity sailboat that has been adapted to people with disabilities, “Tenacious” will visit Panama at the beginning of 2016 and will cross the Canal as part of its nine month voyage sailing towards Australia.

The Tenacious

The Tenacious.

“Tenacious”will sail from Antigua on Monday, January 4 and will go through the Panama Canal on Monday, January 25 arriving to the Port of Balboa, on Wednesday, January 27 and will moore there for five days before parting to Costa Rica on, Saturday, January 30.

“Like the Panama Canal, which was a pioneer that changed sailing and commerce, the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) voyages aim to impact the personal lives of people with handicaps and give them the confidence to achieve goals that they thought were impossible to reach,” said Duncan Souster, JST Executive Director.

About the Jubilee Sailing Trust:

For more than 35 years the JST has provided life changes experiences to more than 40,000 people, half of them have some sort of handicap, including more than 5,000 wheelchair users.

El JST is a charitable organization for people with disabilities, accredited by the United Nations and promotes the integration of physically disabled people, through the challenges and adventure of sailing in a wood sailboat. The “Tenacious” was designed and built especially for the organization in 2000 by a JST team of volunteers with mixed abilities and today is the biggest sailboat of its kind in the world.

Currently there is a limited number of places available for voyages from and to Panama. They are opened for people with disabilities as well as for able body individuals. Those interested can reserve a trip by visiting the website or sending an e-mail to


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