Flowers and coffee – a perfect combination

Vista del puente sobre el Río Caldera desde los terrenos de la Feria de Boquete.

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Boquete is a mountain town, located in the western province of Chiriqui. This area is famous for its coffee and flowers. These products are very important for this mainly agricultural area and for the last 66 years the Boquete Coffee and Flower Fair has taken place on the banks of the Caldera River. The fair will take place this year from Thursday 14 to Saturday, January 23.

The Flower and Coffee Fair started in 1950 as a Coffee Festival, and at the beginning was an intermittent event organized by the community for the community.

Reynaldo Serracin, the president of the Flower Fair Board said that this year $500,000 were invested in the organization of the event and 80% of the gardens have been planted with different varieties of flowers brought from the United States and Europe.

View of the bridge of the Caldera River from the Boquete Fair grounds.

View of the bridge of the Caldera River from the Boquete Fair grounds.

Apart from the gardens, flowers exhibits and coffee tasting at the Ministry of Agriculture (MIDA) stall, the fair will have other attractions such as two zip lines crossing the fair and a new pavilion where artisans from all over the country and abroad can show and sell their wares.

Folkloric groups from Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia as well as Panama, will perform on the Los Quetzales main stage, located in the grounds of the fair. Aris Ramos, the popular musician from Chiriqui will make a special presentation.

Emigdio Walker Vasquez, the Mayor of Boquete, said that the municipality has improved roads and sidewalks to make the town more attractive for the national and foreign visitors who visit this place all year round.

He also said during a recent interview that there are plans to keep the fair open to the public for six months, to promote coffee, which is one of the main products in this region, and promote tourism.

It is expected that more than 150,000 visitors will patricipate during the ten days of the fair. The cost of the entrance is $2.00 general, $1.00 pensioners and children enter free.


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