Go fly a kite!

Las cometas vienen en todos los tamaños.

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When was the last time you flew a kite? Do you remember the feeling of exhilaration when your kite took off and soared into the sky? On Saturday, January 23 you can relive those moments and share them with your loved ones at the Fourth Inclusive Kite Festival (Festival de Cometas Inclusivo) which will take place at the Angel Maria Herrera College, in Penonome, Cocle province.

The kite is a toy and a sport. The kites were created in ancient China. It is known that they were used as a military signaling device around 1200 BC. The movements and colors of kites constituted messages allowing communication between military detachments.

Kites come in all sizes.

Kites come in all sizes.

The event is organized by the National Handicapped Secretariat (Secretaría Nacional de Discapacidad – SENADIS) together with the Panamanian Chinese Professional Association (Asociación de Profesionales Chino Panameña – APROCHIPA). It is free and will take place from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. This activity seeks to integrate children with disabilities into society and at the same time allow families to spend time together.

There will be free transport departing from different parts of the country. The first one will be from Albrook and will depart at 11 a.m. Another will be from Parque Porras, Las Tablas, Los Santos province and will leave at 11:30 a.m. The third point will be at the Parque Union, Chitre, Herrera province, leaving at midday.

Remember to bring your kite and a lot of rope, but you should not worry if you do not have one, there will be some for sale and also workshops to teach you how to make kites.

For more information write to aprochipa@gmail.com or visit Senadis.gob.pa


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