Grace and beauty at the Thousand Polleras Parade

Belleza en el Desfile de las Mil Polleras

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One of most beautiful and elaborate typical dresses in Latin America is the “pollera”, the national costume of Panama, and on Saturday, January 26, in the city of Las Tablas, Los Santos province, the traditional parade of “The Thousand Polleras” will take place in a an environment full of music and fun.

It is expected that more than 10,000 women wearing the national costume will take part, accompanied by musical groups such as murgas (a band with drums and wind instruments) and “tamboritos” (drummers). The festivities will last from 1 p.m. to 6:00 pm and there will be a main stage for entertainment in Plaza Praga. The firework show will begin at 7 p.m the same day.

One the floats at last year´s Thousand Polleras Parade.

One the floats at last year´s Thousand Polleras Parade.

The Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) has promoted the “Parade of the Thousand Polleras” worldwide, by having meetings in other countries promoting the event as a tourist attraction.

The Pollera is the national female costume of Panama. There are different variations, according to the region. They are also classified based on their use such as the Pollera de Gala for formal occasions and the Montuna which is the simple country version for everyday use.

A single pollera can cost from several hundred to several thousands of dollars and take up to a year to create. The gold and pearl mosquetas and tembleques that accessorize pollera are generally passed down as heirlooms through generations.

A few months ago, the ATP was in negotiations with the Guinness Records, asking it to confirm that this parade gathers the greatest number of Panamanian polleras in one place.

 Grace and beauty at the Thousand Polleras ParadeThe first “Thousand Polleras Parade” took place in Panama City in 2003 and for eight years the route of the parade was from Calle 50 to Atlapa Convention Center, but in 2011 it was moved to Las Tablas, because this region is considered the birthplace of the Pollera.

Tembleques is the name of the ornaments that are placed on the head of the woman who wears a pollera. They are made of different materials such as wire and imitation pearls.

The “Thousand Polleras Parade” has become a great tourist attraction for Los Santos province, because a lot of people travel there to participate or enjoy the spectacle. There are not that many hotels in Las Tablas, but the nearby city of Chitre, has spacious and modern hotels such as Cubitá, which is offering special packages for this event. For more information called 978-0200 or write to


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