Anton’s Valley

Hotel Los Mandarinos.

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Anton’s Valley, hotels and business are growing and making alliances with the purpose of converting the area into a successful destination all year round. The place has around 30 hotels with more than 200 rooms. Ane Franzao from Los Mandarinos Hotel marketing department said that the tourists who come here can choose between three types of tours which will entice them to stay longer and spend more money there.

Some of the activities available are: Horseback Riding to “Chorro del Macho”, Walk to “La India Dormida” and Rock Climbing at “Chorro de las Mozas.

Anton's Valley

Hotel Los Mandarinos.

Anton’s Valley biodiversity tour includes places like the orchid garden, butterfly house, paths with different grades of difficulty, protected areas rich in flora and fauna such as Cerro Del Macho. The eco-adventure circuit offers a zipline, horseback tours and 4 x 4 safaris. The third type is a local tour which takes visitors to the local church, museum, agricultural and handicraft market and to the petroglyphs.

Franzao pointed out that theses tours involve local guides. People who practice sustainable tourism, respectful of the environment, which is attractive for tourists who want to have this kind of experience. All these attractions are located near the town which lies at the bottom of a volcano crater and is surrounded by hills 800 meters above the sea level covered with dry forest.

Experts claim that El Valle of Anton is very attractive during the wet season because of its cool temperature and unique environment which is complemented by the warmer climate on the nearby beaches. Tourists keep coming back all year round.

Tourist can come and discover this beautiful town high in the mountains of Panama, on the floor of the largest inhabited volcano crater in the world. Once a crater lake, this quiet village became home to Indians from the surrounding mountains who have been here for thousands of years.

There is so much to see and to do that you can enjoy an active two-day visit, or for a longer stay, relax in this special micro-climate with its cloud forest and exotic animals and plants.


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