Casa Bruja Panama

Casa Bruja frecuentemente crea nuevas cervezas.

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By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

Casa Bruja Panama is a Beer manufacturing that is gaining strength in Panama, with breweries appearing all over the country. Casa Bruja, which has its premises in Costa del Este Industrial Park. It was the first craft brewery to manufacture and bottle beer. Today its products can be found in bars, restaurants, supermarkets and have even been exported to the Dominican Republic.

The brains, founder and master brewer of Casa Bruja is Jonathan Pragnell from Colón, whose passion for beers is evident in his products. After living and studying for a few years in the United States, he met a Panamanian master brewer who introduced him to the world of craft beer. Later on, he moved to Scotland where he finally fulfilled his dream of becoming a master brewer.

Casa Bruja Panama

Casa Bruja frequently creates new beers.

He returned to Panama in December 2013 and, with help from his friends, Casa Bruja was born and started production in January 2014. The rest is history. Currently the brewery produces 15,000 liters a month.

Casa Bruja Panama distinctive beers are:

Fula (blonde girl): a blond ale lager, made with 100% malt with alcohol content of 4.4% . Smooth taste, taking into account the Panamanian palate.

Chivo Perro: an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) which has an alcohol content of 6.8%. It has a more bitter taste, with a tropical fruit aroma reminiscent of passion fruit and mango.

Sir Francis: a red beer with 5.5% alcohol content. It tastes of walnut and smells of melon. It is a very well balanced beer.

Talingo: a chocolate milk stout, made with Bocas del Toro cocoa. It smells like chocolate with oats which smoothes its flavor and makesit less heavy than other black beers.

In 2015 Talingo and Chivo Perro awarded medals at the World Beer Award.

In 2015 Talingo and Chivo Perro awarded medals at the World Beer Award.

Pragnell explained that the peculiar names of the beers were selected for their Panamanian sound and in the spontaneity of the moment. “Fula (blonde girl) came out as joke and goes perfectly with the beer color. Chivo Perro, was named after a pet goat who ate dog food. Sir Francis, was baptized after the famous English corsair, and Talingo is the ‘second national bird’.

In addition to his classic ales, every so often Pragnell and his team create new beers, which are sold as limited editions under the name “Brujerias” (Witchcraft). For Micro Brew Fest, Casa Bruja will offer “La Fantasma” (Ghost) and “Demencia” (Dementia) in collaboration with Buenas Pintas.

Casa Bruja’s ales are being recognized around the world.  They won seven medals in two different competitions, one in Chile and the other one in England where Talingo and Chivo Perro were awarded the bronze medal at the World Beer Award.

Casa Bruja Panama will be available at the MicroBrew and fall under the spell of their great beers.


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