Casco Antiguo without cars

Una gira a pie en el Casco Antiguo.

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Casco Antiguo without cars on Sundays will allow nationals and foreigners the opportunity to enjoy a walk through the public spaces beginning March 6.   People won´t have to worry about vehicular traffic. This neighborhood is one of the most picturesque in Panama City and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

From 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from the Santa Ana Park to the Ministry of Government building every Sunday, people will be able to walk the whole route and observe the sites of interest.  Sites include squares, museums, religious monuments and emblematic buildings.  Among them are the Presidency of the Republic, the Municipal Palace, the National Theater and the Bolivar Palace.

A walking tour of Casco Antiguo without cars

A walking tour of Casco Antiguo.

To attract more visitors to the area there are going to be cultural and artistic shows organized by the National Cultural Institute, the Casco Antiguo Office and the Panama Municipality. There will also be a handicraft market.

The Coastal Strip 1 and 2, the Pacific Lookout parking lots and other points will be used by the municipality. Visitors can leave their cars outside Casco Antiguo. Two routes with several buses will run on Sundays for easy access to the Old Quarter.

Many residents and visitors are looking forward to Casco Antiguo without cars with the hope that this initiative will resolve the noise, parking and mobility problem in the San Felipe area.


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