Great Customer Service at Linton Bay Marina

Linton Bay Marina

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On-the-Water by Ilene Little

Linton Bay Marina in Puerto Lindo, Portobelo, Colón province, is a 12 hectare marina. Opened in 2014, it will eventually have capacity for 180 vessels. Recently Captain Deano Riley and his crew of two, who are navigating the Caribbean side of Panama on an 86 ft. luxury motor yacht and stopping at ports of call en route to an around-the-world cruise, paid a visit to this Atlantic jetty.

Captain Riley, an Englishman who has spent the last 20 years in Australia, was very impressed with the service he received at Linton Bay. As the skipper of a luxury yacht, the “Azure”, cruising around the world, Riley is qualified to voice his perspective on marine facilities and customer service at ports of call.

Linton Bay Marina

Linton Bay Marina.

He was quite impressed with Linton Bay Marina and especially with Dock Manager, Adam Baitel. “We are not the kind of boat that pulls into marinas very often,” Riley said, “and when we do, we often have to pay exorbitant prices like $300 a night. In Linton Bay we were paying $40 a night which obviously suited us since we had a few jobs to get done. There are a few marina facilities that still need to be built and finished, but overall I found the commissioning of the marina better than advertised,” said Riley.

“We were at Linton Bay over Christmas and New Year,” said Riley, “It was good that the crew could spend the holiday docked at a nice marina and not have to moor out and bring the tender back and forth.”

“Adam, the marina dock manager, put on a barbecue on New Year’s Eve. Our crew hung out over some food and beers with some of the other boaters, watched fireworks, and it was a very beautiful evening. We enjoyed it thoroughly; all of us,” he said.

“We had such a great time there at the marina. We stayed 16 days and did a lot of work on the tender. What we achieved would not have been possible without Adam,” said Riley.


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