Lama Samten will teach meditation in Panama

Lama Samten enseñará meditación en Panamá

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Lama Lobsang Samten will visit Panama for the first time on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday, February 17. Through a series of conferences he will transmit his knowledge of Buddhist Tibetan philosophy.

Lama Lobsang Samten

Lama Lobsang Samten.

Lama Samten was born in Tibet, close to Lhasa in 1965. He began his studies at the Ganden monastery, where he was ordained as a monk when he was 15 years old. In 1985, he escaped to Tibet by foot through the Himalayas, in a trek that took him two months to flee the Chinese repression. He finished his studies in India at the Ganden Monastery, which was rebuilt by the XIV Dalai Lama in Mundgod at the south of India.

He emigrated to Quebec in 1999, where he is currently the director of the Paramita Center, promoting the understanding of the buddhist teachings, beyond the cultural and religious frontiers. Lama Salem often quotes the Dalai Lama:

“Whatever the religious origins are, an interest in Buddhism can be really helpful, because it offers an essential vision of the fundamental problems of human existence. Buddhism is based on the principles of nonviolence and universal compassion. It seeks world peace through global responsibility that favors goodness, sympathy and harmony among all beings. Its objective is to maintain the fragile equilibrium of our planet and develop the hope for a better world. It is a question of survival.”

Lama Samten will teach meditation in Panama


Cultivate detachment

Tuesday, February 16, 6:00 p.m., Salón de la Amistad, FANLYC. Suggested donation $10.

Achieving mental calm

Wednesday, February 17, 10:00 a.m., Isaias Garcia Auditorium (second floor, Humanities Faculty, University of Panama). Free entrance

Meditation to be happy

Wednesday, February 17, 4:00 p.m., Pine tree little forest, next to the National Library. Free entrance.

For more information call 6011-2791 or visit


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