New Panamanian App “ShowOurShow”

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By Daniel Molina

After interviewing more than 200 people about concerts in Panama, Alex and Alejandro Quezada Povea identified two elements: people are tired of seeing the same artistes year after year; and ticket prices are too expensive.

How to defeat the bureaucratic music industry? With Technology. In response to this problem ShowOurShow was borne, a platform for financing and promoting concerts, which allows fans to bring the shows they want to see.


‘The idea was to give a voice to the fans’, says ShowOurShow CEO, Alex Quezada. ‘Every year you may have noticed that the same artistes come, and some are good, but seeing them every year… We believe is time to tell the industry what we want. “

  New Panamanian App “ShowOurShow”

ShowOurShow App.

After several interviews and tests, they approached the Innovation Center at City of Knowledge, specifically the Discovery Program, finished some details thanks to some suggestions, then hired a programmer and launched the web.

The application needs public participation, “explains ShowOurShow COO, Alejandro Povea. “It has to be group work.”

The platform process is simple. The first stage is the proposal, which is sent to the website, where the person can choose the artist he wants to see.

From there the voting starts, ratings are monitored to see if there are enough people interested in this artiste. Turnout is measured in percentages. Once it reaches 100% of the vote that opens the ‘crowdfunding’, which drives the fund-raising campaign on social networks.

The first concert of this Panamanian ‘startup’ was held on January 23, with the presentation of Pepe Bahia at the Old Havana in Casco Antiguo.

It should be noted that benefits for the fans are also assigned once they purchase a ticket. For example in addition to the tickets to the concert, depending on how much you have collaborated, you can attend a rehearsal of the group, have a ‘meet & greet’ or win free entrance to the next presentation.


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