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Panamenian Craft beers is a new service. Panama never had a pub/brewery dedicated to craft beers until Istmo Brew open its doors in El Cangrejo in 2005. Since then, it has expanded and how has branches in San Francisco and Condado del Rey where customers can enjoy four different types of beer, three with their own malt while the fourth one is a combination of malts.

The Panamanian/ German master brewer, Lenin Arza, who previously worked for Cervecería Nacional, created the four beers which were named after provinces in the Isthmus. These are Coclé, Veraguas, Chiriquí and Colón.

Panamenian Craft beers

Colón has a 5.5% alcohol content and pilsner malt is used to brew it. The beer is blonde.

Veraguas has a 5% alcohol content. Also has a combined malt base from the Colón and Coclé beers and it has an amber color.

Cocle has 6% alcohol. This craft beer is dark and goes very well with meats or barbeques.

Chiriqui is a red lager with 5.5% alcohol.

Panamenian Craft beers owners decided to separate the microbrewery from the pub and moved it from El Cangrejo to new premises in Llano Bonito, where they produce approximately 6,000 liters a week which are distributed all over Panama.

The three pubs also have an extensive selection of other domestic and imported beers.  Also offer a small menu with simple meat dishes and different sandwiches to choose from.


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