Easter Weekend

El Cayuco, Joey Rocck, compitiendo en las carreras preparatorias en el 2016 de la carrera de Cayuco de Océano a Océano.

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On-the-Water by Ilene Little

Easter Weekend, is a special time for many, including those whose passion is the water. I asked both a fisherman and boater how they planned to spend the weekend and got refreshing and honest answers.

Easter Weekend

Captain Tony Herndon, of Panama Bay and River Fly Fishing, on the Bayano River with the Biggest Snook ever caught on a fly rod, 48.5 pound Black Snook

Captain Tony Herndon is a popular charter boat captain and runs river, lake, Atlantic and Pacific fishing charters. His company is www.panamafishingandcatching.com. Herndon said, “The fishing during Easter Weekend should be good to excellent for the whole week for bottom fish in and around the Perlas Islands with the notable exception of Good Friday. In all my years of trying I have never caught a fish on Good Friday. I won’t even take charters on that day because of this. The days before and after are usually good but Good Friday is not. Also the price of local fish skyrockets around that time, no matter how good the fishing is, so it is obvious that God doesn’t want you to fish on Good Friday, In any case, that’s my theory and I am sticking to it!”

Chris Huerbsch, an athlete and paddler in the annual traditional Cayuco Ocean-to-Ocean Races, also responded to my inquiry. Chris is an artist in woodworking and is known for his Cayuco paddle designs, as well as being a competitor who has won many of the annual Ocean-to-Ocean Cross-Canal races.

Huerbsch said the big 020 Cayuco Race is always the weekend before Holy Week. Most of the paddlers take off and enjoy their new freedom from training and strict dietary restriction imposed by the training.

Easter Weekend

The Cayuco, “Joey Rock”, shown competing in races preparing for 2016 Ocean-to-Ocean Cayuco Race.

Said Chris, “I am either going to go spend some much-needed vacation time surfing in Catalina (have not been in about 4 years probably), or climb Volcan Baru. At either rate, in both trips I plan on just re-centering myself and reconnecting my relationship with God. I really look forward to opportunities not only to connect to my faith on Easter Weekend. Also to remember my best friend, Joey Rock, who died on Good Friday after winning the 020 Cayuco race in his division.

During the Easter Weekend, Cayuco Racing in Panama is a popular sport. Winners forever wear the mantle of athletes committed to personal achievement and historic pride. The Cayuco Joey Rock, built and named by Huerbsch in honor of his friend, won in their co-ed division in the 2015 Ocean to Ocean Race.

In this day and age which is prone to over-commercialization. Many of our thoughts are tied to how we are making a living. Easter Weekend it’s good to remind ourselves of what is important in life.


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