Taboga island

Isla de Taboga.

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Taboga Island is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Panama, located about 20 km from Panama City. Over the last decade, certain facilities, such as the jetty where the ferries coming from the capital docked, are in a state of disrepair. While other amenities such as toilets and showers for visitors who are coming on day trips are scarce. Recently the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) announced that it will invest $1.5 million to improve the island’s tourist infrastructure to make it more attractive for locals and foreigners.

Taboga Island

Taboga Island.

The 12 square kilometer island, also known as the ‘Island of the Flowers’. Its famous for inspiring the legendary post-impressionist French painter, Paul Gauguin and was used by the U.S. Navy to train their divers due to the clarity of its waters. It is also a popular spot for locals, who want to escape to the beach without having to drive.

The project contemplates the redesign and construction of a 4,500 sqm area. This will have a boardwalk with a 100 meter long retention wall. The pier will have a waiting room for passengers with a separate ticket booth and shops.

The main park will be renovated with facilities such as toilets, kiosks for the sale of food and handicraft and lookouts allowing visitors to enjoy the scenic views.

An access from the main park to the most popular beach of the island, Playa La Restinga. This service will be built along with lamp posts and benches.

“The motivation for doing this work is to encourage visitors to get to know and enjoy the ‘Island of the Flowers’. Also give the inhabitants the possibility of earning a living from tourism which in turn will boost the local economy,” said the Gustavo Him, ATP general administrator.

The island is considered a Panamanian cultural heritage with Spanish, English, French and U.S. influences. Its beaches are quiet and safe and there is a great variety of marine life close to its shores.


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