Athanasiou Obarrio

El Alcalde de Panamá, José I. Blandon inaugura el Athanasiou de Obarrio.

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Athanasiou Obarrio recently opened its doors to offer homemade bread, chocolates and Greek desserts among other treats. This Greek franchise has shops in Kalamata and in the United States.

The bakery has a big showroom with a selection of breads, delicious Greek sweets, chocolates, biscuits and cookies. The cabinets show an array of sandwiches made with selected meats and options for vegetarians.

Panama's Mayor, Jose I. Blandon inaugurates Athanasiou Obarrio.

Panama’s Mayor, Jose I. Blandon inaugurates Athanasiou Obarrio.

“The food in the cabinets constantly changes, because of the number of people that come for sandwiches. We have a complete sandwich menu and if you do not see what you want in the cabinet, it can be prepared in minutes,” said Pantelis Androutsos, production manager.

Athanasiou also has a coffee and chocolate menu. “Coffee is the protagonist here. The baristas demonstrate their enthusiasm and passion whether they are preparing the simplest coffee or the most exotic one. We use Arabic coffee, selected grain by grain considering the characteristics of the seed, not only the way it is roasted, but also how it has matured which will give the coffee its aroma, body and color,” explained Gianfranco Petrella, general manager.

The company has plans to open a total of nine Athanasiou shops in Panama City, in areas such as Albrook and Brisas del Golf.

Athanasiou Obarrio opens from 7:a.m. to 10:p.m. Monday to Sunday. It has an ample cafeteria, as well as a pet-friendly terrace.


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