Beach properties in Panama

Royal Palm, Gorgona.

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Beach properties in Panama are very enticing to foreigners, especially if they come from countries with long, hard winters. Here are the main reasons why, according to GOGETIT Noticias, people buy properties close to the sea in Panama.

1. Strategic location – Near the city and the beach

Panama has a privileged geographical location. Almost all beach destinations have 12 months of good weather, as the country’s climate is one of the best in the world. There are beaches all over the place, in many cases.less than 40 minutes away from, Panama City.

Beach properties in Panama

Royal Palm, Gorgona, another great example of Beach properties in Panama. 

2. Payment facilities

At this time of the year the offer is high and the demand low. For that reason residential projects offer payment facilities in acquiring a property. A house or an apartment on the beach as an investment, not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy a few months in the sun, but also will give some money back on your investment during the high season. Everything will depend on the views, climate, location and amenities.

3. The Dollarized Market

The return on properties in all types of tourist destinations is excellent, because the Panamanian real estate market is dollarized, guaranteeing investors that their properties will not lose value due to fluctuation in currency and therefore the return on investment is shorter than in other kinds of investments.

4. Price

People are more willing to think of buying a second home in a beach area. Many families choose them to enjoy quality time and for 38% of them the price of the project is a good motive to invest.

5. Views and first class amenities

Panamanian beaches are beautiful, both on the Atlantic and the Caribbean sides. They offer a wide range of amenities, tourist infrastructure, modern airports, gastronomic centers, first class entertainment centers and golf courses with impressive sea views.

Coronado is a popular beach community, that is close to Panama City. A lot of foreigners choose to live there

6. Social areas

They offer lots of benefits and amenities, as well as space to carry out all types of activities. Amenities and social areas represent between 4% to 9% of the saleable areas in residential projects.

7. Apartment finishings

Apartment finishings are very important, because they take into account space, how big and how comfortable the apartment can be. That is another of the reasons that motivates people to fall in love with the place where they want to invest.

8. Finished project

Only 5% of the people who took part in the GOGETIT Noticias’ survey said that they would buy only if the project has been completed. It is important to point out that many projects are sold before completion. Therefore the building models are very important to give an idea of what the final project will look like.

Nine out of ten people between the ages of 20 and 40 years stated that they prefered to live in an apartment. While people over 50, prefered houses.

For all those reasons, Beach properties in Panama are one of the best options at an international level.


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