Canal Bistro Macaroni burger

“Macaroni Burger” de Canal Bistro en el Wyndham Hotel Panama Albrook Mall

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The Canal Bistro Macaroni Burger

The Canal Bistro Macaroni burger is quite unique.

Canal Bistro Macaroni burger. After their success with “Escondido Burger” last year, Canal Bistro at the Wyndham Hotel in Panama Albrook Mall is innovating again with their new “Macaroni Burger”, to participate in the 2016 Burger Week.

Made with extraordinary Pizza and caramelized onion bread, it contains a breaded mac and cheese, from which it gets its name, on top of an Angus cut and an egg, mustard and watercress salad. One of the most creative aspects of this burger is its Agrio sauce, made of beer, onion, brown sugar loaf, lemon and tomato.

On the side, to make things even more interesting, you can choose the regular french fries or the traditional Panamanian “patacones”. Also important to mention, is that this burger, as well as all the participant burgers in burger week, can be accompanied by a Miller Lite beer or a Canada Dry Ginger Ale Soda.

Canal Bistro is open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. all week long. For reservations call 307-0300


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