Discovering Punta Culebra

Exhibición de “Las Fabulosas Ranas de Panamá”.

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Discovering Punta Culebra

Discovering Punta Culebra. Punta Culebra Nature Center located on the Amador Causeway, offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the fauna of Panama from the Smithsonian Institute experts who run the place.

Discovering Punta Culebra

Discovering Punta Culebra with the “Fabulous Panama Frogs” exhibit.

The nature center has four exhibitions where you can see a variety of animals, including marine turtles, colorful fish, frogs and much more.

The exhibit entitled “Fabulous Panama Frogs” is one of the best in the center, where you can see a large variety of frogs and learn about the importance of these amphibians in the ecosystem.

Aquariums show incredible colored fish, corals, anemones etc. Here they explain about the various species that inhabit the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and point out the differences between them. You can also enjoy a contact area where you can touch starfish – a wonderful experience for kids.

The cost of admission is extremely affordable. Rates are almost symbolic. Panamanians and resident adults pay $3 and children under 13 pay $1 For foreign adults the cost of admission is $5.

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By Carolina Fernández.


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