Indian Cuisine in Avatar

Samosas de vegetales y deditos de pescado.

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Indian Cuisine in Avatar. There are many misconceptions about Indian cuisine. Some believe that the dishes are very hot and full of spices, but that is not the case. Avatar, the Indian restaurant that opened its doors on Via Argentina is proof of that. Its menu is full of mouthwatering plates from the North and South of that country.

Vegetable Samosas and fish fingers.

Indian Cuicine in Avatar- Vegetable Samosas and fish fingers.

Avatar Kala and Sanjay Sehgal are two talented Canadian chefs, who decided to leave the cold behind and come to Central America looking for the right place to introduce their unique style of cooking which combines the traditional with the modern. Sehgal stayed in Toronto, while Kala visited different countries in the region, finally he arrived in Panama and he knew instantly that this was the place to be.

Excited he called Sehgal and within two months they inaugurated Avatar. Kala is an innovator who likes to give a twist to traditional dishes such as Murg Vindaloo, a tasty hot and spicy chicken specialty from Goa, while Sehgal plays with fresh herbs and spices creating original sauces that enhance the meats (lamb, beef, chicken and seafood).

Not all the dishes are hot, they just contain the right blend of spices and if the customer wants his food even hotter they politely refuse to alter the recipe and instead offer them homemade hot sauce, which has a kick, but is still delicious.

The best way to start your meal is with vegetable samosas, pakoras platter or a chicken/cheese peneer. They are big enough to share. Follow with a Murg Makhani (butter chicken) which consists of tender pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. Finish with a homemade Kulfi mango or pistachio ice cream. Accompany your meal with a mango lassi (the traditional, yogurt-based drink).

Indian Cuisine in Avatar has modern surroundings is elegant and comfortable, ideal for a romantic evening or for a business lunch. At weekends there is live piano music. It can also be rented out for special events. Avatar opens from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The restaurant is located in Via Argentina just ten meters from Via España. For more information and reservation visit or call 393-9066.


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