Adventures with WOW PTY

Luis Ivan Herrera.

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 Adventures with WOW PTY. WOW PTY is a website dedicated to finding the best places to participate in adventure tourism in Panama. It was created by Luis Rafael Davila Jones and Luis Ivan Herrera as a way to bring together explorers and sportsmen with passion, interested in discovering, sharing and booking an adrenalin-fueled weekend.

 Adventures with WOW PTY

Adventures with WOW PTY and Luis Ivan Herrera.

At a click of a button, visitors wanting to know more about the excitement Panama has to offer, can discover the most surprising places as well as find specialized providers, adventure experts and other like-minded individuals. Anybody can access the web page and select from a variety of activities see photographs and obtain information pertaining to them, and get advice on how to get there and what to expect.

To promote the knowledge of adventure tourism, every month WOW PTY gathers together adventure specialists and those interested in having access to new forms of entertainment and exchanging ideas and images on the most extraordinary website in the country.

“We believe that adventure tourism has great potential in Panama and for that reason we are supporting this project, because we are sure that it will help to show Panamanians and tourists the great attractions the country has,” said Davila Jones.

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