Pan Alliance 2016 travel packages

De izquierda a derecha: Jolane Gonzalez, Carlos Conde, Perla Acevedo, Magali Del Carmen Ulloa Salas, Gloria Clavel De Velázquez, Antonio Rubio Martin, Ulla V. Carbon, Priscianis Palma Zarzavilla, Barbara Adames y Nallely González.

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Pan Alliance 2016 travel packages. The travel agency, Pan Alliance, together with the Spanish airline, Iberia, April, a traveller assistance Company, and Surland, a Spanish tour operator, recently presented their new products for the year 2016-2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel Panama.

Pan Alliance 2016 travel packages

Pan Alliance 2016 travel packages: Spain is the place to go!

Iberia presented its On Business program that will save travelers money, while April showed its insurance products and other services for babies and pets. For its part Surland presented its new tours to Europe and the Middle East.

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