Panama Afro Festival

Algunos de los organizadores del V Afro Festival.

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Panama Afro Festival. With the aim of highlighting the Afro heritage and promoting cultural tourism, the Fifth Afro Festival will be held until Sunday, May 29 in the provinces of Panama and Colón.

The theme of this year’s event is “For a decade of development, justice and equity” and it will feature the participation of ten countries where this culture is predominant, such as Nigeria, New Guinea, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Panama Afro Festival

Panama Afro Festival will also take place in Colón.

The participating countries will exhibit different forms of cultural expression such as music, gastronomy, painting, cinema, theater, dance, literature, tourism and photography. The festival will also feature a craft and cultural fair.

One of the most interesting attractions will be the inaugural gala, which takes place on Thursday, May 12 with an innovative African Fashion Show. In addition, on Sunday, May 22 the parade entitled “Afrodescendientes Panameños Unidos” will take place in the neighborhood of Río Abajo, and on Sunday, May 29 the fair will end with the black ethnicity parade in Colón.

One of the goals of this festival is to promote cultural tourism, by exposing the cultural richness of the black race. This is why the Panama Tourism Authority recently signed a sponsorship agreement with the “Centro de la Mujer Panameña”, who along with “Red de Mujeres Afropanameñas”, the “Centro de Estudios Afro Panameños” and the National Cultural Institute (INAC) have contributed to the organization of this event.

The fifth International AfroFestival serves as a national and international showcase to highlight the contributions of African descendants in the Panamanian culture, urging residents and visitors to learn more about the ethnic composition of the society in which they live.


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