Panamanian flavor at Las Tinajas

Un grupo de danzas folclóricas en Las Tinajas.

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Panamanian flavor at Las Tinajas. Las Tinajas is synonymous with authentic Panamanian cuisine, with dishes rarely seen in other restaurants, such as its famous yucca pie, a delicious chicken pie made with yucca dough.

Founded 33 years ago by Alfonso Jaen Conte, who had the vision to open a tourist center which also serves food, Las Tinajas has become an obligatory stop for any visitor to Panama City.

Panamanian flavor at Las Tinajas

Panamanian flavor at Las Tinajas: folkloric dances add to the ambiance.

The decor has an authentic Panamanian feel, reminiscent of the interior provinces of the country, but what makes this restaurant special and a must-see for visitors is the famous folkloric dance show from Tuesday to Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Musicians play festive Panamanian typical music to accompany a very professional dance troupe who end their performance by, inviting the audience to join in and have a good time. There are private rooms for weddings, birthdays or business events.

The restaurant specializes in Panamanian food and its whole corvina with a side dish of your choice, is crunchy on the outside and moist within. The typical soup of the country, “sancocho de gallina” (chicken soup) served with rice, is full of flavor.

Las Tinajas is located on Calle 51 Bella Vista, #22. It opens from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. For more information and reservations call 263-7890/269-3840 or write to


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