Panamanian jewels at Reprosa

Collares con huacas.

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Panamanian jewels at Reprosa. The Panamanian native tribes, at the time of the Spanish Conquest, created their ornaments with wax and fire – the “lost wax” process. They made their symbolic frogs – a good omen; their birds for power; their bells for protection against evil spirits; their body ornaments for further protection and perhaps their vanity.

These ornaments became the inspiration for a company called Reprosa which reproduces them for latter-day Panamanians and visitors from around the world.

Panamanian jewels at Reprosa

Panamanian jewels at Reprosa: Necklaces with huacas.

A visit to this spotless and quietly efficient work centre (tours can be arranged) is an eye-opener. Visitors are invited to go “hands on” and operate a sand-blaster which removes the charcoal and polishes the product. There follows a complete “birds’ eye” view of the production, engraving, wax carving, firing, plunging the “hot” product into acid and alkaline baths to create a piece of treasured personal gold. A presentation “goodie” bag filled with other treasures of Panamá such as coffee and rum comes with the tour.

The factory is located in Costa del Este via Panama La Vieja. Drive, look for the full name on a gabled building: “Reproductions and Originals”. There is plenty of parking

Tours with transportation provided are easily arranged by calling 271-0033, whilst shops can be found in Casco Antiguo and Av. Samuel Lewis. You can also visit


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