Adrienne Reeve lands world record

El róbalo negro que pescó Adrienne Reeve el 9 de junio del 2016 y que podría darle el récord.

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On-the-Water by Ilene Little

Adrienne Reeve lands world record. Adrienne Reeve has lived in Panama for 22 years and has fished all over its Pacific Coast from Coiba to Piñas Bay. She has participated in and won many of the local fishing tournaments in Contadora, Las Perlas Archipelago.

Her years of experience paid off on June 9th when she landed an International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Ladies World Record Black Snook (record pending).

“There’s a lot of logistic work involved when fishing in Panama,” said Reeve. “The moment I saw the tide I knew that it would be perfect to take a trip to the local village of Jaqué, so I just grabbed my hat, rod and reel and left,” she said.

Adrienne Reeve lands world record

Adrienne Reeve lands world record Pending for Black Snook fishing.

Timing her panga ride to Jaqué was a critical part of the trip logistics. Jaqué is a small fishing village and is part of the Darien province. It is only 50km away from the Colombian border. A Panga is a type of modest-sized, open, outboard-powered, fishing boat.

“The river mouth at Rio Jaqué is quite turbulent and at times downright treacherous,” said Reeve, “You have to navigate with an experienced panga captain who knows how to read the waves, because there are pretty big waves.”

“I gauge the severity of a river mouth entry by how many Hail Marys I say along the way!” she said.

“When I got to the village, I had enough time to chat and enjoy a few cold beers with friends and cast a Rapala lure into the mouth of the river before sunset”, said Reeve.

“I passed an elderly man fishing on the river bank and, not wanting to crowd him, I walked past him about 50 yards to cast my small blue Rapala towards the center of the river mouth.”

Adrienne Reeve showing her pending world record 30 lb. Black Snook caught in the mouth of Rio Jaqué, Panama.

Adrienne Reeve showing her pending world record 30 lb. Black Snook caught in the mouth of Rio Jaqué, Panama.

“The current was moving fast and the water was turbulent. I cast many times before I started to feel the rhythm needed to hook a fish,” said Reeve, “but nothing happened, so I walked over to the man and asked him what he thought of my Rapala. “

“It seemed he really didn’t know what to make of this tall blonde gringa on his beach!”, said Reeve, “He judged the Rapala to be ‘esta bien, perfecto’, so I returned to my spot reassured.”

“And then she hit! My line started screaming out!!,” Reeve said, “I tightened the drag as I held onto my rod looking towards my catch and saw the dorsal fin of a huge fish!”

“The fish was still tearing line as I was finding the sweet spot on the drag to avoid the line breaking, but knew the 30lb braid I was using was safe,” she said.

“I shouted to get the man to look my way, and he started to yell ‘juega a la!, Juega a la!’ which means Reel! Reel!” said Reeve.

“After about 10 minutes of me (and the old guy) running up and down the beach reeling in line, I landed a beautiful 30lb Black Snook!” she exclaimed.

“The man helped drag the Snook up to the beach, and he said to me ‘that’s a good one!’. It seems that this fish is a potential IGFA Ladies world record Black Snook!” Reeve said

“Island life and fishing are in my blood, said Reeve. “Can’t wait do it again!”


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