Help Age International lauds Panama

Los mejores y peores lugares para envejecer en América Latina

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Help Age International lauds Panama. A recent study by Help Age International reported that the three best places to grow old in the Americas are Panamá, Chile and Uruguay. The three least recommended are Honduras, Venezuela and Paraguay.

At the top of the global index ageing podium are three European countries: Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. Germany was in fourth place and the United States in ninth.

The study is made every year by Help Age International. The report takes into account four aspects: income security, health, competence and favorable environment.

Panama is in 20th place in the Global Index, with respect to the ability of the aging population to look after themselves. Older people in Panama have better levels of education and access to employment than the rest of Latin America. The employment rate for people between the ages of 55 and 64 is 98.3% .

Help Age International lauds Panama

Help Age International lauds Panama as a great place to retire.

Another advantage of growing old in Panama is that the population above 65 years old has guaranteed income through the pension scheme, small as it might be. However its rating with respect to pensions and poverty was a moderate 17.7%. The country has good ratings with regards to health

The Help Age report pointed out that Panama’s rating is due in great part to the existence of effective state policies, with general social orientation policies, especially those directed to senior citizens.

In addition to this, a bill to guarantee old people’s rights is awaiting approval by the National Assembly.

According to the last report of the Research Center of the University of Panama Humanities Faculty up to June 2015 there are 302,120 people over 65 from a total population of almost four million.


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