Las Tablas Saint Paul Festivities

Habrá competencia de lazo en la feria.

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Las Tablas Saint Paul Festivities

Las Tablas Saint Paul Festivities: an image of the saint.

Las Tablas Saint Paul Festivities. El Cocal, a district of Las Tablas in Los Santos province, located about four hours from Panama City, will hold festivities in honor of the Apostle Paul of Tarsus, on Thursday, June 30. St. Paul the Apostle, is considered the apostle of the Gentiles

The celebrations had their beginnings around 1930, when, due to the large number of earthquakes recorded in the area, the then pastor of the church of Santa Librada, concerned about the architectural state of the church, decided to send the statues of the parish saints to different villages for safety, fearing that his church could collapse. The Statue of St Paul landed in the parish of El Cocal and that is how he came to be their patron saint.

The festivities are celebrated with acts of devotion, and a fair for the whole family, with games and competitions, a variety of local food, folk dances, folk performances and traditional rodeo and roping contests showing the livestock skills of the inhabitants of El Cocal.

There will wrangling competitions at the fair.

There will wrangling competitions at the fair.

These festivities commemorate the martyrdom in Rome of not only the apostle Paul of Tarsus (Paul), but also Simon Peter and take place every June 29 in most parts of the world, but which for some reason take place in El Cocal on June 30.

This is an ideal time for visiting the Azuero Peninsula to enjoy the religious and colonial customs of the area.


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