MAC Panama bonsai workshop

Árbol bonsai.

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MAC Panama bonsai workshop. On Saturday, June 11, Bonsai lovers will be able to enjoy a workshop dedicated to the care and the creation of these beautiful ornamental living pieces.

MAC Panama bonsai workshop

Bring your tiny trees for the MAC Panama bonsai workshop.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, MAC Panama, will hold the workshop from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Attendees will learn how to grow a bonsai, which materials are needed to take care of it, what environments are most suitable etc.. In addition, there will be a demonstration on how to work on a regular plant to turn it into a Bonsai.

The art of bonsai originated in China some two thousand years ago, as an object of worship for Taoist monks. Bonsai is a word of Japanese origin which literally means “Cultivating tray” and is the art of growing trees and plants, reducing their size using techniques such as transplanting, pruning, wiring and nipping.

This workshop is organized by the National Association of Bonsai of Panama, as part of the workshops for their 25th anniversary. The registration fee is $12 and includes a coffee break.

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