MetroMall Panama Canal photo expo

Construcción del Tercer Juego de Esclusas del Club Fotográfico de Panamá.

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MetroMall Panama Canal photo expo

MetroMall Panama Canal photo expo: third set of locks by the Club Fotografico de Panama.

MetroMall Panama Canal photo expo. As part of the celebrations of the inauguration of the new set of locks of the Panama Canal next Sunday, June 26, the Photographic Club of Panama will present an exhibition on the Canal at MetroMall from Sunday, June 26.

The Photographic Club of Panama was founded in 1976 by Spanish photographer, Joseph Alsina Pubill, and aims to promote the use of photography as an art form to express visions and values.

The photographs will be on display along different corridors inside the mall. This is a historical collection of images of the Panama Canal and its expansion process, with the aim of allowing tourists and visitors get to know the historical and logistics importance of the new inter-oceanic route for world trade.

The exhibition will be on display for a month. Admission is free and open to the public.


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