Panama Canal celebration security

Comisionado Eric Fruto del Servicio Aeronaval (SENAN) y representantes de las instituciones que están involucradas en la seguridad del evento.

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Panama Canal celebration security. Around 11,500 security personnel from more than 20 government institutions will take part in the events of the Expanded Canal celebrations on Sunday, June 26, when the cargo ship “Andronikus”, property of the Chinese shipping company, Cosco, transits through the third set of locks for the first time. The security units will be distributed in sensitive points to guarantee public safety.

It is expected that delegations from 70 countries and ten heads of state will come to the inauguration, as well clients of the Panama Canal Authority who will attend two galas, one in the Atlapa Convention Center and another at the Cocoli locks. The ACP and the government have invested almost $4 million in the celebrations.

Panama Canal celebration security

Panama Canal celebration security: Commisioner Eric Fruto from the Air and Naval Service (SENAN) and representatives of other institutions involved in the security of the event.

The announcement was made by Commissioner Eric Estrada, Institutional Protection service director (SPI), who explained that these units were divided into seven teams formed by different agencies, who will have specific assignments such as intelligence, protection, installations, communications and crisis management.

There will be a medical attention post at each lock. The health authorities are encouraging the public to follow the precautions promoted by the Panama Canal Authority with regards to clothing (comfortable cool clothes, hat, sunglasses, and sport shoes). Children under 12 years old will not be admitted in the locks area. Those who are sick or present symptoms should not participate but follow the event on television.

People who have tickets for the Cocoli locks events can board the free buses from 8.30 a.m., in the following places: Rommel Fernández Stadium, Albrook Mall and the Cold Chain at 9:00 a.m.

With regards to the Agua Clara locks in Colón province, visitors should board the buses located at the Armando Dely Valdés Stadium between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

The rest of the country can join in the festivities on giant screens in the following places where the progress of the “Andronikus” can be followed: Panama province, Pacific Lookout on the Coastal Strip; La Chorrera, Parque Libertadores; Colón City, Calle 10 and Ave Central, near the San Jose Church; Chitre, Herrera province, Parque Union; Santiago, Veraguas province, La Placita; David, Chiriqui province, Parque Cervantes.


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