Panama City Bay Tours

Diego Bazán y sus pasajeros.

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Panama city bay tours. Panama Bay Tours & Fishing located in front of the Balboa Yacht Club on the Amador Causeway offers a different way to see Panama City… from the sea. What better way to admire the skyline than from their boat, the Eudordoño, while listening to the commentary of captain Diego Bazan.

The company offers tours Tuesday to Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 departing from the Balboa Yacht Club pier. The boat sails around the Amador Causeway and Panama Bay, where sites of interest such as the Biomuseum, Port of Balboa (Panama Ports), the new Cocoli Locks, the Bridge of the Americas and Punta Pacifica can be appreciated. This tour lasts 90 minutes and the cost is $30 for adults and $20 for children (between the ages of 6-11. This tour does not have a minimum number of passengers and the maximum number is 10.

Panama city bay tours

Panama city bay tours: Diego Bazán and his passengers.

The second alternative is a fishing tour around Panama Bay and the islands of Taboga and Taboguilla, where deep sea fishing and trolling can be practiced. In these areas red snapper, sawfish and barracuda can be found. This trip lasts six hours in total from the time of leaving the port until returning to the mainland.

It costs $50 per person and includes bait, ice and gasoline. The client can bring a medium sized cooler for drinks or food. If the person does not have fishing gear, the company can rent equipment for $10 extra. Minimum number of passengers is two and the maximum is eight. The fishing tours are offered on Thursday and Saturday departing from the Diablo Public Jetty at 8:00 a.m. and returning at 2:00 p.m.

Panama Bay Tours & Fishing is the brainchild of Diego Bazán, who four years ago, after spending weekends with his uncle at Gatun Lake, saw the number of visitors catching small boats from Gamboa to go to Monkey Island and thought: “If so many people want to go exploring by boat, why not show them Panama City, the ports, the ships at anchor and all the wonderful places visible from the Bay of Panama, and the company was born.”

Bazan said that Panama Bay Tours & Fishing has been in operation for almost two months and what makes them different from similar companies is the type of tours they offer. Clients do not need to form a group to rent the entire boat to sail around the bay or go fishing, because the trip only lasts 90 minutes and gives enough time to do other activities during the rest of the day. A couple or the entire family can sail with them at an accessible price. Although they do not yet have a special tour for the Expanded Canal, after the inauguration on June 26, visitors can have a closer look at the neopanamax (megaships) from the Eudordoño. They also have special packages for groups and companies.

The vessel has life jackets for all passengers and crew, and an awning along the boat’s length in case of rain.

For more information call of a boat 236-1574 / 6948-7237 / 6672-3325 or visit or facebook/panamabaytours.


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