Panama City Chef duel ends

De izquierda a derecha Stefan Sperling, Alvaro Sandoval, German Ghelfi.

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Panama City Chef duel ends. The semi-finals of the ‘Duel of Chefs’, which has been playing out in various hotels since March, will take place on Monday, June 6, at at the Trump Hotel. Chefs Alvaro Sandoval, German Ghelfi, Stefan Días and Julio Loli will battle each other to decide which two will make it through to the final round which will take place on Monday, June 13

Panama City Chef duel ends

Panama City Chef duel ends: From left to right Stefan Sperling, Alvaro Sandoval, German Ghelfi.

In the finals the chefs will prepare dinner for 60 guests who will rate their appetizer, main dish and dessert. Unknown to them, there will be three secret judges who will evaluate the execution of each course.

Stefan Sperling, executive chef of the Trump International Hotel Panama, will be host and arbiter. Other judges are chefs Melanie Salazar and Alonso Williams from the Cocina Mise en Place Institute, who will have the responsibility of making sure that the rules are followed at every stage.

Diners will play an important role as judges in these encounters. Every chef will prepare his three dishes using secret ingredients which will be revealed on the morning of the day of duel.

PICA group, the organizer of the event, explained that this project seeks to create a platform to highlight local gastronomy culinary talents and at the same time promote the use of local ingredients.

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