Panama Hostes Tourism Committee

Panamá quiere desarrollar el ecoturismo.

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Panama Hostes Tourism Committee. Panama was elected to host the next meeting of the Tourism Quality Certification System (ISO/TC 228) Committee in which matters about “Tourism” will be discussed by the 24 countries that are part of this organization. The event is organized by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and will take place from Monday 22 to Friday, May 26 2017.

Panama Hostes Tourism Committee

Panama Hostes Tourism Committee: the country wants to develop its ecotourism.

The advances in tourism, new tendencies and changes to improve and optimize this sector will be discussed during this meeting in its twelfth edition. Panama was selected as host recently when the ISO/TC 228 Committee got together in Malaysia in which the main subject was “Tourism and Related Services.”

Every year this committee analyses the advances in the tourism sector in its different facets, to approve, change or decide about works which have already been implemented. The ATP has participated in these meetings since 2012 when the Tourism Quality Certification System was created.

Soraya Alderete, chief of the ATP Quality and Tourism Culture Department, said that Panama is very keen to develop sustainable tourism with accommodation, which comprises three areas: social, because it should benefit the community; financial or economic to allow the country to develop and environmental: how to use these resources, minimizing negative impact and at the same time favoring the tourism activity.

Alderete added that: “We also analyzed the elements which should be maintained in a sustainable accommodation standard, the guidelines that must be implemented and the minimum requirements that a lodging place should offer.”

In this 11th meeting 24 countries participated in the discussions. Among them were: Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Sweden India, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and Panama. It is important to note that Panama represented the Central American countries.

ISO/TC 228 works to develop International Standards that truly respond to market needs are practical, target-oriented and feasible. Its documents do not impose unnecessary demands on the tourism industry and always respect its diversity.


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