Panamanian flavors at El Trapiche

Comida tradicional panameña.

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Panamanian flavors at El Trapiche. To get to know a destination you really have to appreciate the local cuisine. In Panama, one of the most outstanding restaurants in traditional Panamanian cuisine is El Trapiche.

Established in 1983, this restaurant specializes in Panamanian cooking in the style of the central provinces. The decor motif is a trapiche, the Panamanian name for an old-world sugar mill, still used in some provinces of the country for the extraction of juice from sugarcane or “guarapo” as it is known in Panama.

Panamanian flavors at El Trapiche

Traditional Panamanian flavors at El Trapiche.

Some of the specialties you can taste are “hojaldre” sandwiches, consisting of a club-style sandwich where bread is replaced by two “hojaldre”, a type of fried bread.

If you would like to sample some of the most popular Panamanian dishes, La Fiesta Panameña, is the dish to choose, since it offers a varied tasting with Carimañolas, empanadas, arroz con pollo, ropa vieja, among other native dishes from the country’s interior.

This restaurant is highly recommended to visitors interested in knowing the “interiorana” food, and has a high rating on TripAdvisor. El Trapiche has a very popular branch on Via Argentina, and another in the busy Albrook Mall.

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