Panamas 2016 Cattle Fair

Un niño participa en el proceso de ordeño durante la feria del ganado lechero en Monagrillo.

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Panamas 2016 Cattle Fair. The national Dairy Cattle Fair will be held from Thursday, July 7 in the village of Monagrillo, Chitre, Herrera province, with the crowning of the beauty queen, Miss Monagrillo 2016, and will end on Sunday, July 10.

Panamas 2016 Cattle Fair

Panamas 2016 Cattle Fair: the local dairy industry boasts its finest products.

Monagrillo is well known for the humor of its inhabitants, who have great repertoires of hilarious stories about important figures and neighborhood personalities.

The cattle fair will be inaugurated on Friday, 8 by Miss Monagrillo 2016, with a ribbon cutting ceremony. This fair highlights new technologies in the area of livestock.

In addition, it will feature the traditional milking contest, which will culminate on Sunday , June10. The festival also features discos, dances, “cantadera” (singing), folkloric presentations, and a dairy cattle auction.


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