Divercity at Albrook Mall

Un bus de turismo en Divercity.

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Divercity at Albrook Mall. Have you ever wished that there was a place where you could leave the children while you go shopping? Until recently that was the fantasy of many parents, who have to drag their offspring around the stores kicking and screaming. Albrook Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers of the country has solved this problem with Divercity, where kids can live the experience of being citizens in a mini town made especially for them.

Divercity at Albrook Mall

Detective Academy at Divercity at Albrook Mall.

The park, located in the Giraffe hall, in front of Cinemark, on the first floor, is a miniature city where children up to age 13 can choose from 23 professions and trades, developing their abilities, principles, values, public spirit and teamwork, while at the same time learning how the real world works in an “edufun” space.

“We want to be an education and cognitive development tool, seeking to teach through experience. For that reason the children will be able to realize their dreams of becoming a doctor, fireman, nurse, policeman, factory worker, radio producer, broadcaster and many more professions. Here they will learn to take decisions in a space which is fun and safe,” said Andrés Castañeda, Divercity’s spokesman.

As soon as the children arrive at Divercity, they need to open their bank account, obtain a debit card and start processing their driving license. When they visit the city the “divercitizens” receive a check that they will change at the bank for “Divis” the official currency of the park, which they can use to buy goods and services, save or use on another visit to the park. The “Divis” can also be used to to pay for the wages received for each labor carried out.

A tourism bus at Divercity.

A tourism bus at Divercity.

All the activities are supervised by a team of 48 people who have received more than 200 hours of training and they make sure that the children are never alone. There are strict rules and security measures to guarantee the wellbeing of the kids. The entrance and exit are monitored through an electronic bracelet that is connected to the adult who registered the child. Only that adult can collect the kid. The bracelets have geolocation to verify where the young person is in the ‘city’. All the attractions are covered with a template crystal wall, so the parents can see their offspring. Only adults with children are allowed in the area.

Divercity opens Tuesday to Sunday with two shifts a day. The first one is from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and the second from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Infants from six months to two years old pay $7.25 plus taxes; children from three to 13 years $14.25 plus taxes and adults $8.25. The park is also available for birthdays and special occasions. For more information call : +507 309-0000 or visit parquedivercity.com/panama/


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