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Johanny Alfonso defiende el primer puesto.

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Surfers are preparing for the fourth stage of the Cerveza Soberana National Surf Circuit, Cup “2Surf”, where the best surfers in the country will battle for the number one spot in the national ranking. The meeting is on Saturday 30 and Sunday, July 31 in the beach areas of Santa Catalina and Rio Grande, in Veraguas province. It is expected that more than 120 athletes will participate in the competition.

Johanny Alfonso defends first place.

Johanny Alfonso defends first place.

Santa Catalina is an enticing stop for tourists and surfers from around the world. Its beaches such as “El Estero” and “Punta Brava” are meccas for the surfing community as is “La Punta”, which is a powerful point break with excellent conditions during most of the year, making it without doubt, a world class surf beach, which has already hosted important national and international events.

In this stage, the athletes will face each other to get a place in the national ranking in the different categories such as, Open, Junior, Ladies, Longboard, Master and Stand Up Paddle Surf. Currently the top ranking in the category “Open” is held by the Venezuelan, Francisco “Lolo” Bellorin, and Panamanian, Juampi Caraballo, who are tied for first place with 5,963 points each. In the “Ladies” category Johanny Alfonso defends first place against last year’s surfing circuit champion, Samantha Alonso, who is in second place.

Outstanding surfers such as the current 2015 National Surf Circuit champion, Jean Carlos “Oli” González, José Luis Carcamo, Jorge Rodríguez, Evangelisto Mendoza, Ricardo Chiari, Cristy Kelso and Eden Grazianni will be among the contestants.

Those interested in competing, can complete their registration by sending an email to with full name and the categories in which they are enrolling, before 5 p.m. on Thursday, July 28. The registration fee is $25 per athlete per category.

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