Hackney Carriages in Panama

Una forma original de llegar a su boda.

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Hackney Carriages in Panama. London taxis, also known as hackney carriages, are famous around the world, thanks to films and miniseries. They evoke a sophisticated European metropolis, with drivers speaking English with a Cockney accent. This London experience (minus the accent) can now be enjoyed in Panama thanks to the company London Taxi in Panama Inc. located in Villa Zaita 3, Panama City, which gives you the opportunity to travel in style in one of their three vehicles.

Hackney Carriages in Panama

Hackney Carriages in Panama: an original way to arrive at your wedding.

The company is the brainchild of Barry Nicholson, an Englishman who fell in love not only with the Panama but also with his Panamanian wife, Maria Elena, and decided to leave the United Kingdom for good to start a new life in Panama.

“I brought the first cab in to use as a family car but it caught so much attention on the roads, that we brought in two more to run the business,” said Barry. The business is run by his wife, Maria Elena, but he provides logistical support and prepares the cars. They have been in operation since 2007. His work takes him to sea much of the time and his employer does not mind where he lives as long as it is close to an international airport.

‘London Taxis’ primarily offers wedding services with bilingual chauffeurs and provides vehicles for promotional services, but the couple is hoping to expand into specialised tours. A standard wedding rate is $150 per hour but special rates exist for multiple hours. They can cover almost anywhere, but specialise in the areas close to and in Panama City, and with three vehicles, bookings can be made at short notice, but it is best to give them a few days notice in order to prepare the vehicle for the job required.

For more information about London Taxis write to londontaxiinpanama@gmail.com, visit its webpage www.londontaxiinpanama.com, or call 394-8827, 6785-2354 and 6781-1960.


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