INAC Art Student Show

A professor shows a new painting technique.

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INAC Art Student Show. Have you ever wanted to learn to paint, do sculptures or draw? If that is the case the Institute of Culture (INAC) Fine Arts School gives you the opportunity to find the artist in you through a series of courses that will help you get to know that part of your nature you never knew you had.

The Fine Arts School was founded on August 13, 1913, and was located at the National Institute as suggested by its first headmaster Roberto Lewis. The school was created under the Decree No79 of June, 26 1913 and received the official name of Drawing and Painting School under the administration of Dr. Guillermo Andreve.

For 103 years this school has produced great artists such as Lucio López Cansuet “Kansuet”, Luis Aguilar Olaciregui, Silvia Acosta, to mention a few, who have the opportunity to sell their paintings in international galleries. August 13 is the anniversary of this institution and there will be a series of events for the public to come and see the works of its talented students.

Expo-estudiante will start on Saturday, August 13 with the participation of all INAC school’s students including those from the Fine Arts Centers of La Chorrera and Colón. The exhibition will take place in Albrook Mall.

On Wednesday, August 17, from 1:00 p.m. at the Contemporary Art Museum there will be a conference with Panamanian fine arts professionals such as Adriano Barría, Saldívar Duarte, Emilio Torres, Xenia de Muñoz, etc. It is open to the public and entrance is free.

Expo-docente will take place at Altaplaza Mall on Friday, August 19, where teachers will present their masterpieces to students and the public.

The school offers two technical careers: Fine Arts Technician with emphasis on painting, sculpture and graphic communication; Fine Arts Technician (Summer School). There are also weekly and summer courses.

The school is for anyone who is interested in learning fine arts. The center receives more than 200 students per month, who pay a registration fee of $38.75 per semester for day and night courses and around 50 people from five years and up for the Saturday courses.

For those interested, the next semester begins on August 8. You can also enroll in Saturday courses. Go to Calle 15, Building N. 72, Parque Lefevre or call 270-2294/1709, or write to:


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