Panama celebrates fisherman Virgin

La Virgen del Carmen durante la procesion en isla Taboga.

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Panama celebrates fisherman Virgin. On Saturday, July 16, different cities across the country celebrate the festivities in honor of “Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo”, better known as the “Virgen del Carmen”. This virgin is patron saint of fishermen around the world. There are thousands of testimonies from those who claim that she protects ventures on and around the sea.

Panama celebrates fisherman Virgin: Our Lady of Mount Carmel during the procession in Taboga Island.

The Virgen del Carmen is also honored on the island of Taboga, located about 45 minutes by boat from Panama City, where locals honor her with a traditional water parade, in which more than a dozen boats sail into the sea while fireworks announce their departure. During the night, masses and processions take place.

The coastal towns of Chame, Gorgona and San Carlos, also have boat processions in honor of the Virgin. Worshipers depart from San Carlos in their fishing boats, carrying an image of the Virgin to the sector of “Las Guias”, before returning to port in the community of Gorgona. This is where the in-land celebrations take place.

This is an excellent opportunity to visit some of the coastal towns of the country.


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