Panama Dali Exhibition

“Les diners de Gala” fue publicado en 1973 por la editorial francesa “Felicie”.

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Panama Dali Exhibition. The second exhibition of Salvador Dali’s graphic works, “Las Cenas de Gala”, is currently on display at the Centro Cultural de España – Casa del Soldado.

Panama Dali Exhibition

Panama Dali Exhibition: “Les diners de Gala” was published in 1973 by the French publishing company Felicie.

It is a collection of 12 lithographs from 1971, which Dali made with the collaboration of the chefs from Maxim’s, the famous Parisian restaurant, using a system similar to photomontage, composing images of fantasy and imagination, using the dishes designed by the cooks.

The menu was created for a dinner organized by the Shah, Mohamed Reza Pahlevi, to celebrate 2,500 years of the foundation of the Persian Empire by Ciro the Great. The resulting book was called, “Les diners de Gala”, and was published in 1973 by the French publishing company “Felicie”. The exhibition has been organized by Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana, FUNIBER, which is an academic and training network, whose objective is to spread and share European and Latin American culture.

The exposition can be seen until Sunday, August 28 from 10 am to 8 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. The entrance is free.


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