Panhellenic Beer Fair Panama

Cervezas artesanales podrán catarse.

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Panhellenic Beer Fair Panama. For the second consecutive year the beerfest “Feria de la Cerveza Panhellenic” will be held in on Saturday, July 30, at the Sortis Hotel & Casino in Obarrio from 6 p.m.

The Feria de la Cerveza Panhellenic, is the only beer festival in Panama which offers the original “premium open pint”, giving participants the chance to taste more than 100 different types of beers, including microbrews, and the best known imported traditional premium beers worldwide.

Panhellenic Beer Fair Panama

Panhellenic Beer Fair Panama: dozens of beers to choose from.

This tasting party is the brain child of the company organizing the event, Panhellenic Enterprises. Attendees will receive a commemorative glass cup of the festival at the beginning of the event, and will use it to taste the full range of beers, without limits or restrictions.

Craft beers can be tasted too.

Craft beers can be tasted too.

In addition to all the beer you can drink the event will also feature a variety of completely free snacks to accompany the beer courtesy of the Sortis Hotel, Aquaçai will provide water to hydrate during the night and the Uber platform has an alliance with the organizers of the fair to offer participants a safer transport option for that night.

Among the brands of beers that will be present this year are: Erdinger, Hofbrau, Krombacher, Hacker Pschorr, Bitburger, Wernessgruner, Benediktiner, Licher, Kostritzer, Van Steenberge, Fruli, Brasserie Lefebvre, Hertog Jan, Anderson Valley, Czechvar Bernard, Evil Twin and Insurgent etc.. All the beers are imported and distributed by Panhellenic Enterprises, except those brewed locally.

Tickets for the “Feria de la Cerveza Panhellenic” cost $45 and are on sale in, Novey Stores and Felipe Motta Wine Stores. For more information visit


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