Cinta Costera 15k Race

Correr es un deporte muy popular en Panamá.

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Cinta Costera 15k Race. Running is a sport that is gaining popularity in Panama, because it is cheap; you do not need special equipment (just a good pair of running shoes) and anybody can take part in it. Organizations such as Corredores del Istmo regularly have friendly competitions where every member of the family can participate. The Panama Municipality, aiming to encourage this activity has organized the 5K and 15K race that will take place on Sunday, July 3 on the Coastal Strip 3 at 6:30 a.m.

Cinta Costera 15k Race

Cinta Costera 15k Race: running is very a popular sport en Panamá.

Inscriptions at the Raly shops in Albrook Mall and Balboa Avenue will be open until Saturday, July 2 and cost $5. The price includes a kit. This is the second race that has been sponsored by the Panama Municipality this year.

The starting point will be the Maracana Stadium for a race that will cover the Coastal Strip 3 marine corridor, beginning and finishing in the same place. It is expected that hundreds of athletes will participate in this event, which is open for everybody from the ages of 8 to over 60 years.

This athletic event is divided into masculine and feminine categories. Children 8 years old can only run 1 kilometer, while teenagers between the ages of 15-19 years can run up to five kilometers. After that age they can can run the 15 kilometers.

During the event hydrating drinks and water will be distributed among the participants and before the race a warming session will take place with an expert trainer.

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