The tarpon who crossed the Canal

Antonio Varcasia dirigiendo uno de los episodios de “Reality Fishing”.

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By Rainer Tuñón

The tarpon or “megalops atlanticus”, also known as “silver king” is a majestic fish of great dimensions, usually found in the Atlantic Ocean. It has captured the interests of renowned journalists who specialize in marine subjects and sports fishing. This is one of the few species of fish that has crossed the Panama Canal, its first sighting on the Pacific side being registered in the 1920’s.

Attracted by the exciting tarpon fishing, the team of ‘Reality Fishing’, directed by the well known sports fishing journalist, Antonio Varcacia, whose articles and television programs are published and screened in Italy and Spain, accepted the invitation made by the Panama Tourism Authority to come here to fish. He started his filming expedition in Panamanian waters at Bastimentos Island, Bocas del Toro province, then he travelled to the Gamboa region, in the Panama Canal, concluding his adventure in the Pacific, at Bay of Las Piñas, Darien province.

Antonio Varcasia directing one of the episodes of “Reality Fishing”.

Antonio Varcasia directing one of the episodes of “Reality Fishing”.

Varcasia has already published an article about fishing in the Panamanian Caribbean and the search for the predatory fish who inhabit these waters, in particular the one known as the Silver King in the Croatian magazine “Prakticni Ribolov”.

On this occasion Varcacia is doing a four-part television program which shows sports fishing in Panama, in the two oceans and the Canal.

The Croatian magazine  “Prakticni Ribolov”.

The Croatian magazine “Prakticni Ribolov”.

Varcasia explains, “The tarpon reach great dimensions and it is possible to find specimens that weigh between 120 to 150 pounds, so catching a fish of 200 or more pounds is not unusual. Changuinola is the perfect environment for the tarpon.

The televised episodes will be transmitted by SKY in Italy and by Teléfonica, in Spain, Portugal and some African countries, with an average audience of 100,000 spectators. The articles will be published in 14 magazines from: Croatia, France, Belgium, China, Arab Emirates, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States.

“Reality Fishing” is formed by editors and professional cameramen, all of them fishermen, and describes fishing emotions “angler to angler”, narrated in an easy style to communicate and share experiences. The show, which is also transmitted in its youtube channel, presents all the techniques to capture predatory fish and the best places to fish around the world.

According to Varcasia, the best season to fish in Bocas del Toro, is in April, May, September and October, when the ocean, generally speaking, is more tranquil and the fish are very active. He pointed out that you can get to Bocas del Toro from Panama City and KLM and Lufthansa have direct flights from Europe to Panama information for which can be found by visiting www.visitPanamá.com.


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