Valle de la Luna Festival Chiriqui

Reciclando botellas de plástico.

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Valle de la Luna Festival Chiriqui. On Saturday, July 30, the third “Festival of the Valley of the Moon” will be held in the province of Chiriqui, in the gym of the Lions Club in the city of David from 9 a.m.

This festival was born in 2005 as an initiative to raise funds for the benefit of the community, in this case for the Hogar Santa Catalina; later in 2010 the second festival was held, this time with the target of helping the victims of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.

Valle de la Luna Festival Chiriqui

Valle de la Luna Festival Chiriqui: the event promotes recycling.

This festival seeks to raise awareness and educate adults, youth and children about the importance of conserving natural resources. “Festival Valle de la Luna 2016” will feature workshops and campaigns for beach cleaning, reforestation and recycling fairs. Children can participate in drawing competitions at primary and secondary level. There will also be a video and photography contest at university level in which students nationwide can participate. These activities have been designed with the aim of rewarding good ideas that contribute to the reuse of waste and promote environmental conservation. There will be conferences on topics such as: the benefits of reusing material within companies.

In terms of entertainment, this year the festival will feature live performances by renowned artistes of the Chiriqui province and across the country. The singers Cienfue and Alex Marin, the bands “Raices y Cultura” and “Still Louder” and Dj D3lr will perform.

This year’s festival expects between 1,000 and 2,000 attendees of all ages. The cost of admission is $5 and tickets are on sale at Full Drop store, Smoking Monkey smoke shop and Pool House Bar & Concert Hall in David.

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