Chiriqui keeps growing

Expo Chiriqui 2016

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Chiriqui keeps growing. Chiriqui is one of the most progressive provinces of he country and right now it is experiencing a series of changes that are transforming this once sleepy area of the interior into a place which not only offers amazing tourist destinations, but also business opportunities waiting to be exploited.

Chiriqui keeps growing

Chiriqui keeps growing: infrastructure projects cover new business and population demands.

New urbanizations are being constructed in David, Boquete, Gualaca, as well as new shopping centers. Entrepreneurs are cultivating shrimps and lobsters in the mountains. The widening and refurbishment of the Pan American highway will expedite the transport of fruits, vegetables and meats from this area which is aptly named as ‘ Panama’s larder’.

The expanded and refurbished highway will decrease the time and cost of transporting cargo coming from Panama’s Pacific and Atlantic ports on their way through Central America by road. The Panama Tourism Authority is renovating the Paso Canoas border facilities and Chiriqui as a whole is experiencing a rebirth with more multinationals interested in exploiting the banana plantations in Puerto Armuelles.

Boquete´s cool climate and beauty continues to welcome more retirees and young people, who are finding different ways to create new products from coffee, cocoa and the medicinal plants that are abundant in the area.

There are new call centers and a special free zone in Baru which will attract international companies looking for the right place from which to export their products to the Americas. Chiriqui or the Valley of the Moon, as it is also known, is a great place to have fun, retire or create a business.


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