Chiriqui living in Panama

Una increíble vista del Volcán Barú.

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Chiriqui living in Panama

Chiriqui living in Panama. Chiriqui province in the western part of Panama is a land of contrasts. On the one side you have the highest mountains in the country, but it is also blessed with pristine sandy beaches, marshes and fertile land, so much so that it produces a great percentage of the vegetables consumed on the Isthmus.

Deciding where to live is difficult, because there are many wonderful places in Chiriqui, depending what sort of climate you like. If you are looking for a cool, spring-like temperature all year round the decision is simple — head to the mountains, towards Boquete, Volcan and Cerro Punta.

Chiriqui living in Panama

Chiriqui living in Panama: An amazing view of the Volcan Barú.

Boquete is a favorite with expats and over 12,000 of them call it home. The town has supermarkets, pharmacies, small clinics, restaurants, bars and even a theater where amateur actors put on plays in English. The town is also famous for its jazz festival and flower fair which take place at the beginning of the year. It has an elevation of 3,940 feet on the eastern slope of Baru Volcano, which means normally cool temperatures around 80 F in the daytime and 60 F at night, with frequent misty rain called ‘bajareque’. There are a number of gated communities with single houses, duplex villas and apartments, normally not that far from town and also plots for sale. Property prices vary depending on the size and amenities of the complex.

Dolega is a great location.

Dolega is a great location.

Volcan is less developed than Boquete. The town is small but charming, with breathtaking scenery, small springs, the ideal place for those looking for a more rural setting. Volcan shares the fresh highland climate of Boquete. The highway that winds uphill from the Interamerican Highway is lined with dairy farms, plant nurseries and poultry barns. Land can be bought at reasonable prices. Over the last few years Europeans, Canadians, South Americans and people from the United States have moved here to open small businesses. The climate and soil is ideal for growing coffee.

Cerro Punta is another place to consider. It is a small mountain town, surrounded by coffee plantations and cattle and horse ranches. Hill terraces provide most of the country’s vegetables. No gated communities can be found here, but plots can be bought. If you are into growing your own food this is the place to be.

Dolega, on the road to Boquete is the perfect compromiso, half way between the mountain town and the bustling city of David. Dolega is the administrative seat of the district of the same name, which encompasses a total of nine towns such as Los Anastacios, Dos Rios, Los Algarrobos and Potrerillos. There are houses and plots of land for sale. The place is tranquil and has amenities such as small cafes and bars close to the rivers Majagua, el Cochea and David.

David has good shopping malls.

David has good shopping malls.

Then there is David, Panama’s third largest city which sprawls out west to east along the Pan-American Highway and south to the mangrove estuaries along the coast. It has an international airport with flights to Central America, Bocas del Toro province and Panama City. The place is a hive of activity with malls, restaurants, bars, casinos and much more. It is also the main health care hub of the province, with private and public hospitals offering a full range of medical services. Numerous clinics and specialty services round out the facilities in David, offering affordable and accessible primary care. There are also private schools and universities and many of the amenities you might expect from a city. There is a wide portfolio of properties from condos and gated communities to single houses. Prices vary.

Beach properties can also be found in Chiriqui province. There a series of developments in La Barqueta, a beach área very close to the city of David, or at Las Lajas which has spectacular sandy beaches.

There is also the fishing town of Boca Chica, from where you can explore the wonders of the Gulf of Chiriqui and visit its many islands. Gated communities and single homes are being built, as more and more Panamanians and foreigners are discovering this hidden little treasure. There is an extensive portfolio of properties for all budgets.

Chiriqui has many options for the home-seeker. Just take a trip to this wonderful province and discover its many enchantments.

By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd


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