The most delicious fair of the year

Un gran lugar para probar diferentes comidas.

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Food is part of the national identity and Panamanian cuisine is very distinctive but the more sophisticated a country becomes the more international restaurants it has. Now Panama is attracting attention not only as a tourist destination, but also as a gastronomic one. In 2010 a group of chefs created the “Panama Gastronomica” food fair to put Panama on the gastronomic map and since then the fair has become the most awaited event for those who like fine cuisine.

This fair will take place at the Atlapa Convention Center from Friday 26 to Sunday, August 28. Entrance costs $10 per day or $25 for the three days. Tickets can be obtained at or in the box office the day of the event.

A great place to taste different food.

A great place to taste different food.

This year the event will have over 100 stalls to sample food, a wine route, a gastro pub, the “Chef Unplugged” congress and workshops, an all-star chef challenge, the “Patio del Sabor” (street food) and the “Restaurant Show”.

Twelve Panamanian and foreign chefs, will reveal their secrets in the “Chefs Unplugged” congress and workshops. Participating in this event are: Luciana Bianchi, gastronomy writer and professional chef with academic training in molecular cuisine, from Brazil; Adolfo Guzmán: La Boca, High Hat Cafe, Ancora Pizzeria Salumeria & Primitivo, from New Orleans and Andrés Madrigal of Madrigal in Panamá to mention a few.

The All-Star Chef Challenge, will have the participation of 12 local chefs who will compete to benefit the charities of their choice, presenting a concept of cuisine with (social conscience). Among them are Carlos Lucas, from Tomillo: charity Fundacancer; Julio Loli, from Atlantic & Pacific Co: charity Nutrehogar and Stiven Hernández, from Restaurante Achiote, Santiago de Veraguas: charity FANLYC.

The “Afro Panamanian Kitchen Take-Over” will give the public the opportunity to enjoy two hours of the the best of Afro-Antillean culture and learn the secrets of its cuisine.

For more information about Panama Gastronomica visit


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