Discover Panama Secas Islands

Islas Secas.

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Discover Panama Secas Islands

Discover Panama Secas Islands. The Secas Islands are located about 27 km and 45 minutes out to sea from the tranquil area of Boca Chica. On the way to the islands, at this time of year, chances are that you will see a pod of whales, dolphins, large marine turtles, a variety of birds and views of some stunning islands. Once you arrive, the tranquil beaches and untouched scenic landscape are incomparable.

Discover Panama Secas Islands

Discover Panama Secas Islands, with all their beauty and biodiversity.

Frogfish in coral.

Frogfish in coral. Photo courtesy of

Yet perhaps the best sights Secas Islands have to offer may be underwater, as these islands are home to some of the most colorful and majestic fish anywhere in the world. With a simple mask and flippers, the peaceful environment under the sea can be experienced with little effort.

Large mound corals in this area, known as Porites, are hundreds of years old and most all of them are in pristine condition. Other lower branching corals resemble an underwater “lawn” or a scene from a forest floor.

The corals of Secas Islands have survived the increase of 2o C in water temperature from the strongest El Niño period that ended in April of this year in most areas of the Pacific Ocean. This increase in temperature caused a brilliant change in color in some corals as they acquired new algae in their tissues from the surrounding water. Unlike other areas of the world such as the great barrier reef of Australia which suffered heavy coral mortality, Secas Islands rebounded from the limited loss of corals and the warmer seas actually promoted new species settlement.

A school of fish.

A school of fish.

A fish hiding in a crevice.

A fish hiding in a crevice. Photo courtesy of Borut Furlan.

El Niño had no effect on any fish in Secas, and they remain as stunning as ever. On any given day you can see over 40 species of fish and all in the most amazing colors imaginable. Some travel in fast, darting schools yet many are solitary, slow and curious. Divers can observe how the corals attract, feed and provide a home for the many creatures of the sea and how many of them interact with each other. The lights, shadows, movement and quiet peaceful surroundings are soothing for the soul. Sea Urchins, small crabs and tiny fish hide in crevices and are waiting for your discovery……

Digital cameras that work underwater are available at a very reasonable price and are fairly easy to use by just about anyone. Memories can be saved during your time in the sea where you will lose track of time and space. Allow yourself to be captivated with wonder and escape the daily busy life you left behind. To experience the magic of Seca Islands you can contact Captain Dave and Sue Murphy at Reel Inn of Boca Chica using skype 1-305-600-2071 or visit their website at More info on corals and fish of Secas Islands can be found at See you out there.

By Dr Bill McGraw


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