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Reina de Calle Abajo Las Tablas 2017, Ayira Gisselle.

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Queen of Calle Abajo Las Tablas 2017, Ayira Gisselle.

Queen of Calle Abajo Las Tablas 2017, Ayira Gisselle.

Celebrate the foundation of Old Panama (Panama La Vieja) on Sunday, August 14 with a “matanza” (slaughter of a cow) and come with your family and friends to spend a whole day eating good food, and dancing. We should explain that nowadays the cow is not usually slaughtered at the event as in times gone by. It is literally a huge barbecue organized by the Calle Abajo Las Tablas Foundation and Her Majesty Ayira Gisselle Adames Solis, Carnival Queen 2017 of Calle Abajo Las Tablas. The festivities will take place at “Los Pueblitos” Tourist Center, in Ancon, from 1:00 p.m. Tickets cost $7 presale and $10 the day of event and can be bought by calling 6688-4324 or 6253-8029.

There will be typical music courtesy of Darío Pitti Vs. la Fuerza Pindin de Kenny & Kiara and also the powerful murga (music group) of Calle Abajo, Las Tablas. The money collected for this activity will be used to pay for the dresses for the Carnival Queen and to decorate floats. The whole community in Las Tablas, Los Santos province, spends a year organizing the carnival festivities, which are rated as the best in the country.

The dish of the day will be beef, cooked and seasoned in many different ways, and served with traditional side dishes such as fried yucca, plantain, beef soup, “tortilla changa” (oven baked corn bread) and other Panamanian delicacies.

For more information write to presi.rrppcalleabajolastablas@gmail.com.


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